HEXPOL Compounding

HEXPOL Compounding is one of the world's leading suppliers in the development and production of advanced, high-quality polymer compounds and one of only a few truly global suppliers in the industry. 

With operations in Europe, Asia and NAFTA, HEXPOL Compounding assists customers across the globe in building strong partnerships through advanced technical knowledge and a strong portfolio. HEXPOL Compounding primarily focuses on three important polymer compounding areas: Rubber compounds, Thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE) and Thermoplastic compounds (TP).

HEXPOL Compounding offers customers worldclass polymer compounds and services. Long-term growth, which is an overall objective, is achieved through effective organisations in a safe environment hallmarked by continuous improvement. This is made possible by well-trained and highly skilled employees who are dedicated to do their utmost to satisfy customers. 

HEXPOL Compounding's operations include 36 units with production, sales and development operations. The units are divided into the geographic regions of NAFTA, Europe and Asia, as well as into the product areas HEXPOL TPE Compounding and HEXPOL TP Compounding. Most units are structured as separate units with complete organisational functions for sales, product development and production. The units are strongly coordinated and cooperate closely with each other in all areas, and all global customers are served on a worldwide basis.
HEXPOL Compounding's customers comprise manufacturers of polymer products and components that impose stringent demands on the materials' properties and global delivery capabilities. The largest end-customer segments are the automotive and engineering industries. Other key segments are the medical technology, general industry, construction and infrastructure, consumer, cable and water treatment and the energy, oil and gas sector. 

HEXPOL Compounding serves customers under a number of brands: HEXPOL Compounding, which is used globally in many markets; GoldKey, Burton Rubber, Colonial Rubber, Robbins and Kardoes are well-established brands in the North American market as well as Vigar and Berwin in the European market. In the HEXPOL TPE Compounding area, HEXPOL TPE and their product brands, Dryflex, Mediprene and EPSeal, are used globally. In the HEXPOL TP Compounding area, RheTech and its product brands are used.
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