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HEXPOL Engineered Products

HEXPOL Engineered Products has a unique high material expertise which, along with its extensive application knowledge and efficient manufacturing processes, creates interesting offerings for the customer. A large part of the products are marketed, sold and distributed globally, placing huge requirements on an efficient logistics chain.

Customer demands are increasing and today placed requirements on short lead times and delivery reliability, which places special demands on the business. In recent years major initiatives implemented on the logistics side with the establishment of several local distribution centers. This, together with a well-developed ERP system, ensures that communications, from reception of orders to delivery, occurs entirely without manual intervention. This has significantly reduced internal throughput times.

HEXPOL Engineered Products is continuously developing its manufacturing processes. The production processes are well controlled, and with a strong focus on continuous improvement according to the concept of Lean production. The business area's global ERP system enables benchmarking online, which drives development forward. All units are certified according to ISO 9001/14001.

The HEXPOL Engineered Products business area is divided into two product areas: HEXPOL Gaskets and HEXPOL Wheels. HEXPOL Gaskets has production plants in Europe (Gislaved, Sweden) and Asia (Bokundara, Sri Lanka and Qingdao, China). The plants are modern and incorporate local expertise in production and logistics development. HEXPOL Wheels has production plants in Europe (Laxå, Sweden), the US (Lake Geneva, WI) and Asia (Horana, Sri Lanka and Qingdao, China). The plants are well adapted to local market conditions, although the unit in Sri Lanka focuses on exports to Europe, the US and Asia.

Within its niche areas, HEXPOL Engineered Products is active in the global market where a considerable focus is on discerning customers and advanced applications. HEXPOL is a leading supplier of rubber gaskets for plate heat exchangers, and of polyurethane wheels for forklifts. Within these areas, HEXPOL is one of a few major companies with global presence.

HEXPOL Engineered Products conducts operations under the Gislaved Gummi (gaskets), Stellana (wheels) and Elastomeric (wheels) brands. Gislaved Gummi is a globally well-known brand in the market for gaskets for plate heat exchangers. Stellana is a well-known brand in the material handling industry globally while Elastomeric is a well-known brand in its niche in Europe and Asia.


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