Advanced Rubber Compounding

Advanced Rubber Compounding
At HEXPOL we believe that there is always room for innovation. That’s why we focus our efforts of developing advanced rubber compounds, from materials such as EPDM, SBR and NBR.​
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Innovation that makes a material difference​

Our technical experts are amongst the best in the industry. The development of advanced rubber compounds requires precision, a deep understanding of the mechanical and chemical properties of the high grade raw materials employed, and a thorough understanding of application potential and customer requirements.​

a material difference

Advanced Rubber Compounding

There are approx. 30 classes of organic elastomers on the market today, available in various grades. Our advanced rubber compounds use high grade raw materials as a starting point. Our experienced experts create an almost infinite range of combinations as they mix in reinforcements, additives, cross-linkers and plasticizers, depending upon the final attributes desired.

Scientist performance additives elastomer compounds

Rubber properties

Each organic elastomer presents precise characteristics which makes them more suitable for specific applications. Some examples are:

  • Natural (NR) and synthetic (IR) polysoprene, which exhibits exceptional mechanical properties and is ideal for dynamic uses.
  • Polybutyl (IIR) has very low gas permeability.
  • Ethylene-propylene copolymers (EPM) and ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymers (EPDM) have excellent properties of resistance to atmospheric agents and flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Polychloroprene (CR) exhibits excellent balance between mechanical properties and chemical and weather resistance.


Advanced rubber compounds are used in applications that are exposed to tough working conditions such as:​

  • O-rings​
  • Bellows​
  • Membranes​
  • Frames​
  • Connectors​
  • Pipes & sleeves​
  • Anti-vibration elements​
  • Rugs, belts, ribbons​
  • Rollers​
  • Rubberized fabrics​

Rubber Application Matrix

HEXPOL’s rubber compounds can be used in a variety of different applications. Download our Application Matrix to see which compounds can fit your application.

Rubber Application Matrix

Rubber polymers

Learn more about typical rubber polymers used by our Advanced Rubber Compunding team.

performance additives

Technical support

We work closely with our customers to ensure that only the most appropriate compounds are provided. To do this we employ in-depth chemical analysis as a starting point and follow-up technical support to our customers.​​

Tests are carried out on new compounds from both our own perspective and that of our customers, ensuring that the advanced compounds we develop satisfy all specific requirements.​

Contact us to discuss Advanced Rubber Compounding

Mirela Pracic

Sales Manager Compounding
+46 76 047 79 23

Michael Jakubik

Sales & Marketing Manager
+420 775 87 79 59

Michal Pokorny

Sales Manager
+420 585 00 40 29

Giorgio Muller

Advanced Rubber Compounding, Europe and Asia

+32 (0) 87 59 61 50

Sustainable society

Thinking sustainably doesn’t just mean taking care of our natural resources – it also means taking care of people. Our R&D experts work tirelessly to ensure that every compound we develop meets the requirements of their intended application and our socio-environmental commitments.

relevant markets

Advanced Rubber Compounding Markets

HEXPOL Rubber Compounding is a leader in the field of advanced rubber compounding, with a global footprint of local production sites, ensuring your industrial needs are met.

Automotive & Transportation

Automotive & Transportation

From seals to dashboard components, from hoses to floor mats, from docking fenders to anti-vibration mounts and more.
Learn more...

Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Whether you are looking draught-proofing materials, installing sound or thermal insulation, keeping the rain out or fire-proofing.
Learn more...

Consumer & Healthcare

Consumer & Healthcare

Medical-grade products such as catheters, medical tubing, surgical instruments and appliances for the healthcare sector. From household goods and consumer electronics, to pet toys, sporting good and more.
Learn more...

Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy, Oil & Gas

We deliver solutions developed to help bring your energy to market – whether it is oil, gas or renewable.
Learn more...



Reducing downtime, withstanding the impact of weathering, ozone and oxygen or providing shock absorption.
Learn more...

Wire & Cable

Wire & Cable

Whatever the application, HEXPOL Rubber Compounding can produce wire and cable products to the highest standards.
Learn more...



Whether you are in the printing, steel, paper or textile industry, we are here to keep your products rolling perfectly off the production line.
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You can also visit our Downloads page for more brochures and information.

HEXPOL Capabilities Brochure 2019


HEXPOL Outsourcing Brochure

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