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What is AEM rubber?

AEM rubbers (Ethylene acrylic elastomers) are synthetic rubbers composed of both ethylene and acrylic monomers. The ethylene imparts good low temperature properties, while the acrylic portion improves the oil resistance. The combination of a saturated backbone with polar side groups also provides good resistance to heat, ozone (weathering), and many chemicals.

Besides excellent heat and ozone resistance, AEMs have outstanding vibration dampening and good dynamic and abrasion properties over a wide temperature range. However, AEMs are more expensive than most standard elastomers including NR, NBR, CR, EPDM, and SBR.

Scientist performance additives

Properties of Ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM rubber)

These are some of the properties of AEM rubber compounds:

GP, HT, oil resistant, low temperature
Hardness Range (ShA)
45 – 90
Thermal Resistance continuous/peak (°C)
150 / 175 Very good heat resistance
Low temperature (°C)
– 40 Good for low-temperature applications
Chemical Resistance
Resistance to oils, lubrificant, oxidazing media, blowby condensates
Excellent ozone resistance weather
Low gas permeability – low compression set
Amine, peroxide

Material processing

The manufacturing technologies of these types of compounds are the traditional compression and injection moulding, extrusion, calendering and coating process.

Some specialities require exclusive reticulation agents that take advantage of specific chemical properties.

What is AEM rubber typically used for?

AEM elastomers are primarily used where combined resistance to ozone, heat and oils is required. They are sometimes a good alternative to more expensive heat resistant elastomers such as fluorocarbon polymers (FKM), silicones (VMQ) and fluoro-silicones (FVMQ) for elevated temperature applications (< 150 °C, < 300 °F).

  • Turbocharger hoses and other hose applications
  • Blow-by gas and diesel particle filter sensor sheaths
  • Air management elements
  • Oil- and heat-resistant vibration dampers
  • Engine and transmission seals
  • Cylinder head cover gaskets
  • Oil filter and oil sump gaskets
  • Shift pistons
AEM automotive rubber compounds

Rubber Application Matrix

HEXPOL’s rubber compounds can be used in a variety of different applications. Download our Application Matrix to see which compounds can fit your application.

Rubber Application Matrix

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