Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

What can we do for you?​

We offer specialized and dedicated researchers working with pilot production lines to effectively scale up or down your production processes based on the nature of your product and the characterization of the materials you need. We also offer detailed scientific papers and presentations that you can use as background information for your product descriptions.

performance additives

In-house technical capabilities

We have proven solutions for all rubber compound applications. Our in-house research and development capabilities are second-to-none, offering chemical, thermal, electric and morphological analysis and characterization. We also offer thermomechanical, advanced mechanical and rheological characterization of materials for process optimization.​

Do you need support in the development process of your next product line? We offer bespoke material development and technology management, design of experiments and process simulations, so that nothing is left to chance.​

Our production and development capabilities include color master batches and additives. What can we do for you?​

Field Technical Services​

HEXPOL field technical service representatives are among the best in the world.​

Mentorship training

Investing in People Fosters Excellence

We continually invest in our expertise through technical training and leadership programs. Whether they are polymer chemists, industry experts, technical sales or customer service representatives, we strive to elevate customer satisfaction and on-target solutions.

The HEXPOL Technical Visit

We can conduct periodic and confidential on-site reviews, observing and analyzing attributes such as equipment, operator activities, and production processes to solve problems, increase productivity, and improve product quality. HEXPOL brings value to each and every customer relationship.​

Contact us to discuss Research and Development

Mirela Pracic

Sales Manager Compounding
+46 76 047 79 23

Michael Jakubik

Sales & Marketing Manager
+420 775 87 79 59

Michal Pokorny

Sales Manager
+420 585 00 40 29

Giorgio Muller

Advanced Rubber Compounding, Europe and Asia

+32 (0) 87 59 61 50

Sue Chapman

High Performance Compounding, Americas
+1 440 682 4039

Sara Cotelli

High Performance Compounding, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and India
+39 (0) 35 42 52 000

Tailored to your needs​

Spending time developing solutions means material and cost savings further down the line. It makes good business sense and it makes good sense from a sustainability perspective. Efficient use of materials and production can save you money and eliminate waste.​


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