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Andrea Ravasio

R&D and Technical Director at MESGO Group
+39 035 4276900

Bruce Wynd

Bruce Wynd, Key Account Director HEXPOL Compounding Americas
+1 704 872 1585
Caj Karlsson

Caj Karlsson

Key Account Manager/Sales Coordinator, HEXPOL TPE AB
+46 532 60 75 12
Carsten Rüter, President HEXPOL Compounding Europe/Asia

Carsten Rüter

President of HEXPOL Compounding Europe/Asia, HEXPOL Compounding Global Purchasing/Technology and President of HEXPOL TPE Compounding

Cesare Finazzi

Sales Director Thermoset Compounds
Daniel Pankert

Daniel Pankert

Process Intelligence Manager at HEXPOL Compounding Europe & Asia
+32 87 59 61 50
Edmund Li

Edmund Li

Director Sales and Marketing - Asia Pacific
+86 532 81 73 11 67
Erik Unnersjö

Erik Unnersjö

Director Sales and Marketing - Europe
+46 (0)703 22 49 59
Gary Moore

Gary Moore

Advanced Rubber & High Performance Compounding, Americas
+1 682 215 7096

Georg Brunstam

President and CEO

Giorgio Cabrini

VP High Performance Compounding
+39 0354252000

Giorgio Muller

Advanced Rubber Compounding, Europe and Asia
+32 (0) 87 59 61 50


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