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Carsten Rüter, President HEXPOL Compounding Europe/Asia

Carsten Rüter

President of HEXPOL Compounding Europe/Asia, HEXPOL Compounding Global Purchasing/Technology and President of HEXPOL TPE Compounding
Jan Wikström, President HEXPOL Wheels and HEXPOL Gaskets

Jan Wikström

President HEXPOL Thermoplastic Compounding and HEXPOL Engineered Products
Ken Bloom, President HEXPOL Compounding Americas

Ken Bloom

President HEXPOL Compounding Americas
Kristoffer Wittström

Kristoffer Wittström

Global Marketing and Communications Manager
+46 40 25 46 60
Magnus Berglund, Senior Vice President Stategy, M&A

Magnus Berglund

Senior Vice President Strategy, M&A

Austin Rice

Training Coordinator
+1 440 632 6160
Peter Rosén, Chief Financial Officer, Investor Relations Manager

Peter Rosén

Acting CEO, CFO and Head of IR
Ralph Wolkener, President HEXPOL TPE Compounding

Ralph Wolkener

President of HEXPOL Compounding Europe/Asia and President of HEXPOL TPE Compounding
Torbjörn Brorson

Torbjörn Brorson, PhD

Director Sustainability Affairs
+46 40 25 46 60
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