Responsibility demands action​

For HEXPOL, corporate environmental responsibility means understanding the complete lifecycle of our products – from sourcing to end of life and the potential for recycling. Our aim is to provide you with the compounds and products you need to fulfil your sustainability commitments and corporate goals. This is why we place a premium on continual innovation.​

We are seeing that customers want to move towards “greener polymers” and I am convinced that our know-how and experience in using bio-based and recycled materials, will create advantages for us, our customers and the environment.

Example of Pellets used in TPE Compounding

Production processes require oversight and compliance with all applicable standards and environmental codes. This is why we perform continual monitoring, benchmarking and incremental improvements.​

Wherever practical and possible we choose recycled, renewable or mass balanced raw materials in our compounds. 

energy oil and gas solar and wind

Wherever possible we choose to use electricity that has been produced from fossil-free processes. In 2022, for example, 22% of the energy consumed by HEXPOL Group globally was sourced from non-fossil power generation.


Taking responsibility

As one of the leading polymer compounding suppliers in the world, we are acutely aware of how we conduct our business.

Every year we present information in a transparent and informative way. Our sustainability report provides insights into risks, opportunities, objectives and achievements, both short and long-term. Our report also provides information about our commitments in-line with the UN Global Compact.

Guiding Stars

Our progress is clearly communicated through the Global Reporting Initiative, which forms the foundation of our Sustainability Report and extends to separate climate-impact reports in accordance with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and in-line with the United Nations Global Compact.


sustainability stories

Our Sustainability contacts

Ali Wolf

Director of Sustainability - HEXPOL Compounding Americas
Torbjörn Brorson

Torbjörn Brorson, PhD

Director Sustainability Affairs

+46 40 25 46 60