Advanced Rubber Compounds

Advanced Rubber Compounds

Advanced Rubber compounds

Discover HEXPOL Rubber Compounding’s cutting-edge expertise in the development and production of advanced high-quality rubber compounds by using innovative processing technics and state-of-the-art equipment.  We provide customized solutions for a wide range of markets and applications and offer a wide range of compounding types in a large variety of delivery and packaging forms. We have a proven track-record and solid experience in developing innovative and sustainable materials. The experience is spread over a large number of polymer types.

for the following markets

Large variety of Compound Types

Compound Types

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for various Processing technics

Processing Technics

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Large range of Delivery and packaging forms

Delivery and Packaging Forms

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Discover our experience in a large number of Polymer types

Focus On Sustainability


We have been in business since 1893 and we are committed to a sustainable future.

We are seeing that customers want to move towards “greener polymers”, and I am convinced that our know-how and experience to use bio-based and recycled materials, will create advantages for us, our customers and the environment.

– Georg Brunstam, President and CEO

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