Delivery and packaging forms

We offer a large variety of delivery and packaging forms :

Delivery forms

  • (Perforated) Endless strips (27-750 mm width)
  • Narrow endless strips (20-40 mm width)
  • Strip thickness 4-13 mm
  • Cold-cut of 4 strips in 35 mm internally separated
  • Pip-strip 40-50 mm wide
  • Calendared, rota-cured sheet, profile extrusion and jointing
  • Granules (cube / bullet shape)
  • Slabs, plates and sheets
  • Continuous wig wag sheet / wig wag pipped strip
  • Wide calendared rolls (foil backed with perforation capability)
  • Narrow calendared tapes (with perforation capability)
  • Rolls
  • Filtered round log
  • Molded envelopes and curing tubes

Packaging forms

  • Pallets, boxes or containers
  • Returnable bins
  • Cardboards

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