Field Technical Services

Field Technical Services

Support our customers is our main objective

Technical service is the link between research, innovation and market. we have a competent team of specialized researchers and engineers who are able to provide high-quality customized solutions in order to optimize customer’s processes.

We Apply It: 
Value Engineering (VE)

Value Engineering (VE) is a crucial fundamental step in HEXPOL’s development process

  • Process for new projects / starts right from the beginning of the compound development
  • Focus on meeting our customers’ requirements, reducing costs, improving performance
  • Together with our customers and internally with the team of experts dedicated to the specific segment/application
  • Analysing our process, the logistics to bring the compound to our customers in order to determine the best options concerning product form, packaging, etc. which also influence e.g. the conversion cost of our customers, reduces cycle time, reduce waste, etc.

We Apply It: 
Value Analysis (VA)

  • Focus on existing business being analysed and evaluated by our customers and our experts, to reduce costs, improve performance or both
  • Understanding the bottlenecks in our process and in our customer’s process in order to specifically target certain performance improvements
  • Methodically looking at every step: raw material cost, alternative components, new logistics, etc.
  • VA activities enables us a close and trustful collaboration with our customers which is fundamental in order to achieve the goals
  • Improving the value of our compound and therefor the value of the finished article so that both our customers and HEXPOL maintain the business
Side view of serious caucasian plant worker using computer in control room.

We at HEXPOL believe that we are the champions in these processes due to our global presence, long lasting experience and highest skill level of our technical teams. Reducing overall costs has of course to be done in conjunction with other techniques like lean manufacturing, 5S and continuous improvement processes. Offering the VA/VE enables HEXPOL and our customer to take commercial advantages and secure the latest technologies and developments and last but not least cement further our relationship.

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