Consumer and healthcare

Consumer and healthcare
Everyday essentials – HEXPOL Group offers compounding solutions that are helping both consumers and healthcare professionals every day.

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Our society has tough challenges ahead with a continually aging and growing global population. To meet these challenges the medical and healthcare sectors continue to innovate in the areas of mobility and advanced drug delivery systems, while the general consumer-based product industries are actively reviewing material choice and business strategy from a sustainability perspective. This is where HEXPOL can be of assistance.


Consumer and Healthcare

The number of potential applications for polymer compounds is never-ending. At HEXPOL we work with the exacting regulatory standards across the medical and consumer sectors on a daily basis. Perhaps you need high-performing healthcare materials such as catheters, medical tubing, surgical and medical instruments or appliances? Or perhaps you are designing the next generation of household goods, pet toys, consumer electronics, sporting goods or other consumer products? Regardless of your need, be assured that we have got you covered.

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Consumer and healthcare stories

With a durable, flexible and antibacterial silicone material, it has been possible to produce an ECG vest that can be reused many times and where the cost of consumables is eliminated.

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