HEXPOL Compounding Americas Implementing New Sustainability Initiative

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HEXPOL Compounding Americas (HCA) is making A Sustainable Difference by collaborating with Mobilo Digital Business Cards

HEXPOL Compounding Americas (HCA) has partnered with MobiloTM digital business cards to reshape how it connects with the marketplace. Just another step in leading its sustainability efforts in reducing its carbon footprint. Mobilo has created the smartest business card on the block by turning meetings into leads with the ability to share contact details without contact. Unlike traditional paper cards, these digital cards offer a more effective way of networking. With just a tap of the card to a compatible phone, contact information is wirelessly generated to the recipient.

The eco-friendly business card provides a paperless, reusable platform that not only saves cost but more importantly eliminates waste and pollution generated by traditional paper business cards. HCA has opted to provide its workforce with their eco-friendly wood option card, which is carefully sourced, and for every HEXPOL card issued Mobilo plants a tree.

This new initiative is just another way HCA is supporting HEXPOL’s corporate social and sustainable responsibility goals.

HEXPOL Compounding Americas work with Mobilo

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Ali Wolf

Director of Sustainability - HEXPOL Compounding Americas


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