MESGO S.p.A (Gorlago)

MESGO S.p.A (Gorlago)

Welcome to MESGO S.p.A. Gorlago plant (BG), Italy

MESGO is dedicated to technological leadership in the development and production of high quality Synthetic and Natural rubber compounds as well as Silicone and Fluoro-carbon rubber compounds. To secure customised solutions, MESGO may provide from the Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) and Gorlago (BG) plants a unique offer of a large range of elastomers, from the most common to the most special and high-performance elastomers at an always competitive quality/price ratio.

MESGO was founded in 1996 to produce Synthetic and Natural rubber compounds. The production of silicone and fluoro-carbon rubber compounds started in 2.000 and 2001. In 2015 MESGO became the European leader in supplying silicone compounds.

From the Gorlago plant, MESGO may provide a whole range of high consistency Silicone Rubber: VMQ, PVMQ and FVM for the automotive, transportation, industrial and consumer goods.

Gorlago plant may provide all type of base polymers for FKM and FFKM such as: Copolymers, Terpolymers, Bisphenolic and peroxide curing, low temperature grades, perfluoro elastomers, Aflas for automotive and industrial segments.


  • Silicone rubber compounds: 9.400 tpa
  • Fluoro-carbon rubber compounds: 3000 tpa
  • Silicone rubber compounds:
    – 4 open mills
    – 2 tilt mixers
    – 3 BDM mixers
    – 1 conical twin mixer
    – 3 gear pumps
  • Fluoro-carbon rubber compounds:
    – 1 internal mixer 82 l
    – 2 rolls mills
  • Large variety of delivery forms
  • On-line quality control
  • Fully integrated production process

Contact Information

Via Virgilio, 16

24060 Gorlago (BG)


+39 035 4252000