HEXPOL Compounding Americas Driving Perfection by Investing in Laboratories

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HEXPOL Compounding Americas (HCA) is making A Quality Difference by collaborating with LabsCubed to redefine the benchmarks for rubber quality control

Within HEXPOL Compounding Americas (HCA) our vision of quality is to deliver perfection to every customer every day.  The Quality Team constantly works to develop people, build systems, and eliminate problems to drive us toward that vision.  One way we are doing this is by modernizing and upgrading our production laboratories.  This multi-year effort is aimed at improving the sensitivity, repeatability, and precision of our testing processes.  Ultimately, this means that HEXPOL will be able to provide compound that performs more consistently in our customer’s process.  Our work is not finished until our customers can meet their operational objectives with HEXPOL compounds every day. 

One example of this investment  is our collaboration with LabsCubed.  Last year, HCA initiated a partnership with LabsCubed, a dynamic and innovative automation company, to redefine the benchmarks for rubber quality control.  Following the successful initial phases, HEXPOL is now extending the deployment of LabsCubed automated testing equipment across the United States and Mexico.  We have made a strategic investment in LabsCubed’s state-of-the-art automated tensile testing technology.  By doing so, we are positioning HCA at the forefront of rubber quality control.

LabsCubed’s automated tensile testing equipment, powered by cutting-edge automation technology, aligns seamlessly with HEXPOL’s mission to be a world-class supplier to every customer we serve by providing impeccable service, quality, delivery, and technical excellence.  “We are proud to partner with HEXPOL, a visionary leader in the rubber industry,” said Khaled Boqaileh, CEO of LabsCubed. “HEXPOL’s decision to embrace our automated tensile testing technology demonstrates their dedication to excellence and their relentless pursuit of quality.”  Tom Roberts, HEXPOL Compounding Americas Director of Quality adds “The CubedOne tensometer is an excellent fit with our strategy to create A Quality Difference by implementing state-of-the-art testing processes in all our test laboratories that provide more reliable, predictive results for our customers.”

But this is just one element of a four-year lab modernization plan that also includes replacing all remaining ODR-type testing (once the workhorse of the industry) with more sensitive, repeatable MDR or RPA testing and partnering with key lab equipment suppliers to leverage the best technology available. 


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