HEXPOL TPE Invest in Sweden

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HEXPOL TPE Invest in Sweden

HEXPOL TPE has announced a 57 Million SEK investment at their company in Åmål, Sweden, to support increasing demand and evolving market requirements. The investment will expand production capacity and ensure product safety standards across their materials portfolio.

Members of HEXPOL Board and HEXPOL TPE AB management team

Thomas Nilsson, managing director HEXPOL TPE AB and Georg Brunstam, President and CEO HEXPOL Group, with members of the HEXPOL board and local management team in Åmål

The Swedish company specialises in Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) materials for sensitive and regulated applications such as medical devices, toys, consumer, automotive and food contact. Sustainability and biobased materials are also driving their strategy.

A new production hall is being constructed, dedicated to medical production, with strict cleanliness, traceability, and reproducibility controls. It has been designed to minimise contamination risks and will house a new twin-screw compounding line with gravimetric feeders and advanced monitoring systems adopted for medical production.

Plant Åmål

Ralph Wolkener, President HEXPOL Compounding, Europe/Asia, commented, “We’re investing in capability and capacity. Ensuring we maintain the very high standards, processes, and operations required for our customers while expanding our production capacity. Carsten Rüter, President of HEXPOL Compounding Global Purchasing/Technology, added, “This project also lays the foundation for future development with optimised internal logistics and increased automation and robotics.”

The company produced their first medical compounds in the 1990s and launched the Mediprene range of TPEs for medical applications in 2004. Continuous investment in technology, people and processes contributed to the company becoming the 1st TPE compounder in Europe to gain the ISO 13485 accreditation in 2007.

Construction of the new production hall began in September 2021. The aim is to complete the project by autumn 2022.

Georg Brunstam, President and CEO HEXPOL Group, added, “This investment confirms HEXPOL’s ongoing commitment to this important product area. For the team in Åmål, it’s part of their continuing story and development. HEXPOL invest to ensure we deliver the know-how, performance and reliability our customers deserve.

Malmö, Sweden


HEXPOL TPE is an international polymer compounding group specialising in Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) for key industries such as consumer, medical, packaging, automotive and construction. We were among the 1st companies to produce TPEs in Europe, and more than 50 years later, the possibilities continue to inspire us – yes, we’re self-confessed TPE freaks! Our international teams work with customers around the world, developing new polymer combinations & creating customised materials that are safer, more durable, more sustainable. As part of the HEXPOL group of companies, we share an extensive global footprint covering EU, Asia-Pacific and North America, enabling us to support our customers worldwide.


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