HEXPOL Compounding UK Ltd

HEXPOL Compounding UK Ltd

Welcome to HEXPOL Compounding UK Ltd.

HEXPOL Compound Ltd is dedicated to technological leadership in the development and production of high quality rubber compounds. Our approach involves integration of materials, recipe, mixing,customer specifications and customer processes to arrive at high quality solutions at the best cost.


Berwin’s cutting edge, automated weighing and mixing processes are complemented by varying mixer sizes and types. This ensures that they have the versatility to mix a wide range of custom compounds.
Downstream equipment, including varying speed mills and automated cooling batch off presentation, enables them to meet their customers needs.

  • 4 mixing lines (90l/160l/2x135l) – capacity: 30.000 tpa
  • Varying speed mills
  • Gear pump
  • Black and colour compounds

Contact Information

Broadway, Globe Lane Industrial Estate,

Dukinfield, Cheshire, SK16 4UJ

United Kingdom

+44 (0)161 342 1150