HEXPOL Compounding (Foshan) Co. Ltd

HEXPOL Compounding (Foshan) Co. Ltd

Welcome to HEXPOL Compounding (Foshan) Co., Ltd., China

HEXPOLCompounding (Foshan) Co., Ltd. is dedicated to technological leadership in the development and production of high quality rubber compounds. Our approach involves integration of materials, recipe, mixing, customer specifications and customer processes to arrive at high quality solutions at the best cost. 

In operation since Q4/2009, HEXPOL Compounding (Foshan) Co., Ltd. produces a wide range of synthetic compounds for the industrial and transportation market. The compounds are produced on highly automated and fully process-controlled mixing lines, based on the latest technology. 

The growing demand for rubber compounds in China has prompted HEXPOL Compounding (Foshan) Co., Ltd. to invest in a greenfield mixing operation in China. The company is located in Foshan, a satellite city of Guangzhou on the South Coast of China from where can easily be reached Hongkong, Shanghai and Chongqing.


  • 1 mixer (270 l); capacity 20.000 tpa
  • 1 TPE line; capacity 6.000 tpa
  • Black compounds
  • On-line quality control
  • Fully integrated production process

Contact Information

No.3 Xinhui Road

Wusha, Daliang, Shunde District

Foshan Guangdong 528333

People’s Republic of China

+86 757 2291 5100