GloMold Plus

An in-process cleaning compound that prevents material build-up in compression, injection and transfer rubber molding.

GloMold PlusTM is your in-process
Mold Conditioning Solution

GloMold Plus is a polymer compound that is used in-place to keep fouling from building up in compression, injection and transfer rubber molding. Plus, it’s nearly odorless, and has an extended shelf life.

Less downtime with GloMold Plus

Dirty molds cost molding operations hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, lost productivity and wasted material. Traditional cleaning processes require pulling the mold out of the press and blasting it with cleaning media. This stops production and presents opportunity for damage to the mold.

GloMold Plus

How GloMold Plus Works

Injecting GloMold Plus into your mold after an established number of runs, depending on your production schedule, conditions to keep your molds clean, reducing rejects due to defects or poor surface appearance heat transfer loss, and improper mold fills.

Protecting molds

GloMold Plus can also protect molds during storage. Simply inject GloMold Plus during the last heat and remove the mold in the reducing set-up time. In addition, your mold will be protected from rust for a minimum of six months.

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