Additives for Energy, wire and cable

Pigment and Additives Masterbatches

Pigment and Additive Masterbatches have a number of talents.

Additive Masterbatches can support a better processing, can improve the features of your wire and cable compound and can enhance the quality of your final product. Pigment concentrates change cable compounds into any target color.  

The power to thrive

Our in house research and development engineers understand the complexity involved in your business. They know the stringent requirements that you need to meet. Our pigment and additive masterbatches are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the wire and cable industry like CEI, EN, UL, ISO, DIN, BS and other.

In addition, our pigment masterbatches are designed to help cable manufacturers to identify conductors by colors according to the various national and international harmonized regulations. Additive masterbatches can improve various features of compounds like thermal stability, flame resistance and enhance productivity.

Whatever color you need to identify wires in your cable or compound properties you need to enhance, we are there to help!

Common Applications

Our pigment concentrates are designed to allow the highest yield with the lowest dosage, enabling cost-effective and competitive cable production. Pigments and carriers selection is done to provide thermal stability and homogeneous dispersion, respectively.

This is particularly true with pigment concentrates designed to color HFFR compounds. The design of the masterbatch is done to minimize the effect on flame resistance of the compound. Since many different HFFR technologies are possible, our staff can precisely match any color and customize the pigment masterbatch directly to your HFFR formulation.

The unique silicone in-situ colouring technology allows cable producers to color silicone rubber directly while extruding wire insulation or cable sheathing. Changing from one color to another has never been so easy and can be done without discharging the extruder, with reduced scraps and increased productivity.

HEXPOL silicone additives for W&C are designed to improve mixing, processing, thermal endurance, and flame resistance of silicone rubber compounds.

Laser marking additives permit to get rid of solvent-based inks, enabling clean and environmentally friendly cable marking with high throughput.

Pigments and Additive Masterbatches

HEXPOL is the only company in the wire and cable segment that currently offers such a broad portfolio of materials, including all thermoset rubbers, thermoplastic, thermoplastic elastomers, and pigment and additives to all these materials.

Talk to our specialists for environmentally friendly cable solutions, such as heavy metal-free pigments, and halogen-free flame retardant additives.

We offer pigment and additives in the typical form of pellets to be mixed with thermoplastic, thermoset and thermoplastic elastomers, or in form of bars to be mixed with silicone rubber compounds.

The high level of quality of our materials is achieved by state-of-the-art equipment and a high level of automation. A perfect control of refining, dispersing, and homogenizing processes achieves purity requirements. 

We are tailoring solutions to process efficiently on existing customer equipment minimizing scrap rates and improving processing.

A One-Stop Shop for Energy, Wire + Cable Materials

Did you know that the HEXPOL Group has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of polymeric materials for Energy, Wire and Cable applications in the market? Offering customized solutions in high-performance materials such as silicone rubber, advanced rubber technologies, additives, HFFR and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

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