HEXPOL line of Accu-Way® pre-weighed, packaged chemicals – usually customer-specified – are carefully blended, weighed to within ± 0.5% and heat sealed in a low-melt batch inclusion bag.
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Accu-Way Pre-Weighed Chemicals

A certified, multi-component powder blend, Accu-Way pre-weighed, packaged chemicals are carefully blended, weighed and heat-sealed in a low-melt batch inclusion bag.

  • Customized customer formulation and specialized weight
  • Improved product/process uniformity
  • Reduced labor and accuracy (no weighing specified materials)
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HEXPOL Accu-Way In Short​

Our technical staff carefully evaluates all ingredients for compatibility before designing an Accu-Way product. When necessary, components can be weighed and packaged in a separate bag-within-a-bag to prevent reactivity.

Accu-Way customers receive highly consistent confidentially packaged and coded blends of chemicals. Accu-Way eliminates variability by providing materials that are highly consistent in terms of ingredients and total batch weight.

Taking “environmentally friendly” to a new level, the Accu-Way Plus program uses returnable containers to completely eliminate packaging waste. High-quality, precisely weighed materials in batch-inclusive bags shipped in returnable, collapsible gaylords. What could be better?

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Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart

Sr. Technical Service Representative
+1 440 834 5573

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