Polymer-bound powders.


A unique, encapsulation technology designed for rapid incorporation, these polymer-bound powders are single- or multi-component, high activity products that use a widely compatible, saturated polymer binder system. Benefits:

  • Clean, easy handling form
  • Rapid, distributive mixing
  • Multi-ingredient for reduced weighing
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PolyBound Polymer-Bound Powders

PolyBound is the latest technology available to the rubber formulator. PolyBound polymer-bound powders are single- or multi-component, high-activity products that use a proprietary, widely compatible, saturated polymer binder system. The final product form is similar in appearance to finely ground rubber.

HEXPOL Rubber Compounding’s unique manufacturing process completely encapsulates and wets the surface of the powder without exposing it to degradation by heat or compressive forces. The polymer encapsulation coats and cushions individual powder particles, protecting the active chemicals from compaction during the early phases of the mixing operation. The polymeric coating on the surface of the particle facilitates rapid incorporation into the compound.

PolyBound Polymer-Bound Powders are suitable for internal mixing operations and are superior to other technologies for mill addition.

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