Liquid silane coupling agents

DSC® Silane

Liquid silane coupling agents, absorbed on a high surface area carrier, link the filler to the polymer to improve physical properties. DSC increases the modulus without significantly affecting other compound properties. Benefits:
  • Improved handling and mixing
  • Improved product uniformity
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DSC Silane Coupling Agents

Do you have the perfect rubber compound to meet every specification property, but can’t get the modulus? Find the solution in silane coupling agents. By linking the filler to the polymer, silane coupling agents normally increase the modulus without significantly affecting other compound properties. 

HEXPOL Rubber Compounding provides a series of silane coupling agents in the form of easy-to-handle, free-flowing powders. These products have different organo-functional groups and can be used in various elastomers, the choice of which depends on the type of vulcanization system in use.

Silane coupling agents are used with mineral fillers — clay, talc, mica and silica – to improve the physical appearance of vulcanizates. They function by chemically coupling the filler to the backbone of the polymer during vulcanization.

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