Dryflex Circular

Dryflex Circular

We’re working hard to turn waste into resource, taking recycled polymers and incorporating them into our Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs).
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TPEs with Recycled Content

There’s a shift happening in the polymer industry, we’re all becoming more conscious of the impact our products and operations are having on the environment. We’re more aware than ever of what happens to plastic products once we’ve finished using them, whether that’s recycling, incineration, landfill or even marine littering.
Dryflex Circular TPEs - with Recycled Content


Increasing the use of recycled and renewable materials will help support the move to a circular economy model, by lowering demand on finite fossil-based virgin materials. Our customers have more demanding ‘green’ goals to meet and an increased sense of responsibility to use compounds with lower environmental impact. We share this feeling of responsibility, we’re working hard to turn waste into resource, taking recycled polymers and incorporating them into the Dryflex Circular range of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs).

Recycled content definitions

We’ve structured the Dryflex Circular range into different series based on the source of the recyclate. This helps give clarity about the material source and answer questions about what is included in calculations for declarations of recycled content. Currently there are series based on the following sources, as defined by ISO 14021:2016:

Post industrial Recyclate (PIR)

Material diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process. Excluded is reutilisation of materials such as rework, regrind or scrap generated in a process and capable of being reclaimed within the same process that generated it.

Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR)

Material generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product which can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

What's the Difference Between PCR + PIR

What's the difference between PCR + PIR?
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Current Source:

The recyclate source for the Dryflex PCR grades includes recycled PP from end of life vehicles, including automotive interior and exterior applications.

The recyclate source for the Dryflex PIR grades includes material diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing of consumer, construction and household applications including baby products.

Thinking in Circles

Target Applications Include:

The Dryflex PCR grades are currently only available in black. They are targeted to automotive exteriors such as mudflaps, side-steps and wheel-arch liners. These grades can also be used for outdoor equipment such as lawnmower wheels or safety barriers.

The Dryflex PIR grades are available in a natural colour, giving additional design possibilities. They are targeted to consumer goods, sports equipment, footwear, household and automotive applications.

Quality Constrols & Product Testing

Like all of our materials, Dryflex Circular TPEs are rigorously tested from development to production, always keeping product quality at the heart of what we do.
  • We don’t spot buy, we treat recyclate the same as virgin raw materials, everything is bought to a specification. We don’t buy one-off deliveries of mixed scrap, all of our feedstocks are from consistent sources
  • All Dryflex Circular compounds are produced under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
  • All Dryflex Circular compounds are RoHS, EU +/or UK REACH and SVHC compliant
  • All Dryflex Circular compounds are supplied to a finished product specification and tolerance
  • We’re working with customers for application specific testing and approvals
  • Dryflex Circular TPEs are not currently approved for use in food, medical or toy applications

Dryflex Circular COLLAB

We believe that collaboration, from all parts of the supply chain, will be key to making plastics more circular.

We’ve started several ‘collab’ projects, working with customers to find ways to utilise their waste streams and turn-it into new life materials.

Dryflex Circular COLLAB

Our Dryflex Circular experts

Kathrin Heilman

Kathrin Heilmann


+49 9571 948 94 925
Martin Bradbury

Martin Bradbury

Senior Key Account Manager for HEXPOL TPE Ltd

+44 161 654 2332


Head over to our downloads page for product and processing guides (and lot more usful stuff).

Dryflex Circular TPE Product Guide

TPE Processing Guide

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