A Material Difference in Consumer

People and planet friendly materials that help add some design flair and soft-touch haptics to consumer products. 
We work with designers, convertors and brand owners to develop materials that match application requirements. While also considering how they are produced and what happens at the end of life.

Consumer Application Areas

Toys figures to racing tracks. Outdoor gear, ergonomic bike grips and swimming goggles. Bed slat holders to tool handles. Footwear to sports equipment. Pet care and household goods…we develop customised biobased, TPE and soft polymer materials for the products we all use every day. 

Soft Polymer Materials for Toys
Recyclable Materials for Toy Wheels + Tyres
Soft Touch Materials for Toold Handles & Grips
Soft + Safe Materials for Baby Products
Biocomposite Materials for Sports Equipments + Bike Grips
Flexible Polymers for Footwear Applications
Flexible Materials for Ski Shoes & Boots
Flexible Materials for Sports Equipment
Paintable Soft PVC Materials for Toy Figures
Soft-Touch Grips for Sporting and Outdoor Gear
Biobased Materials for Household Products
Trabsparent Materials for Swimming Masks + Goggles
Flexible Materials for Shoe Soles + Footwear
Soft Materials for Bike Handles + Grips
Biobased Materials for Bed Slat Holder
Biocomposite Cork Materials for Screwdriver and Tool Grips
Flexible + Nonslip Materials for Bath Mats
Sustainable and Food Safe Materials for Food + Beverage Products

Customised Materials with Safety Assured

Our polymer compounds can be customised to meet the specific requirements of the end application and the environment it will be used in. Representative grades have been tested according to relevant regulatory standards.

Special Features

  • Add appeal and design trends with colour and transparency
  • Adhesion grades for hard-soft combinations
  • TPEs are recyclable in production
  • Biobased & biocomposite grades
  • Grades with recycled content
  • Silky smooth, soft-touch or non-slip surfaces possible

Standards Taken Into Account

  • Grades that are compliant with EN 71/3
  • Grades that are compliant with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • Grades that are compliant with FDA 21 CFR
  • RoHS and and REACH compliant
  • PVC grades with phthalate values far below market limits

Design for Sustainability

According to EU research over 80% of product-related environmental impacts can be influenced during the design phase.

Here we can consider the embedded carbon in the materials and looking at renewable, biobased or recycled content. How are products produced, how many processes are included, each with their own associated energy consumption. Also the full life-cycle of products and how they can be designed for durability and recyclability.

We're learning a lot and believe our teams are showing the way in rethinking how products are designed for sustainability.

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