Service and Technology

Service and Technology

Our Material Difference

The technical department is at the heart of what we do. Our scientists, application engineers and processing technologists lead the way in polymer research and development.

Our goal is to engineer intelligent solutions which precisely match application requirements but also to find solutions that meet gaps in the market. This is an exciting task and one which has sent our products across the globe. Our technical and sales teams work hand-in-hand with the customer, giving in-the-field support and the expertise to engineer solutions that transform ideas into superior products

Technical Support at HEXPOL TPE

Six ways our technical teams can support you

Technical Support from HEXPOL TPE

Material Customisation

Our teams are constantly developing new polymer combinations. We have a trusted track-record in quality, customised materials. Discover more about our products

Technical Support at HEXPOL TPE

Application Know-How

The right material starts by understanding the functional, regulatory & design requirements of the application. We have market specific expertise, be that medical, toys, food contact, cables, automotive …

Technical Support at HEXPOL TPE

Mobile Teams

Whether it’s a virtual video call or a site visit, our experts ensure you have access to the know-how you need, when & where you need it. Find your local contact

Technical Support at HEXPOL TPE

Processing Support

Our support runs from design to finished product. We advise on tool design, processing output, moulding trouble-shooting, extrusion optimisation & more

Technical Support at HEXPOL TPE

Testing & Analysis

All our sites operate material labs or technical centres, with specialist equipment to perform diagnostic, processing and quality assurance testing

Technical Support at HEXPOL TPE

Research & Development

Developing materials for today and tomorrow. Close partnerships with suppliers and ongoing research into polymer combinations allows us to bring completely new possibilities to the market.


Design for Sustainability

According to EU research over 80% of product-related environmental impacts can be influenced during the design phase.

Here we can consider the embedded carbon in the materials and looking at renewable, biobased or recycled content. How are products produced, how many processes are included, each with their own associated energy consumption. Also the full life-cycle of products and how they can be designed for durability and recyclability.

We're learning a lot and believe our teams are showing the way in rethinking how products are designed for sustainability.

Our technical Team leaders

Christian Berg

Christian Berg

R&D Manager, HEXPOL TPE GmbH
Klas Dannas

Klas Dannäs

Sustainability Director, HEXPOL TPE
+46 532 60 75 33
Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths

Manufacturing and R&D Manager, HEXPOL TPE Ltd
+44 7768 776016
Niklas Ottsosson

Niklas Ottosson

Technical Manager - Medical, HEXPOL TPE AB
+46 532 60 75 35

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