Video, Masterclasses and Team Talks

Video, Masterclasses and Team Talks

Team Talks : Fast Facts about TPE + more

Video : What is TPE?
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What is TPE?

Hear Magnus and Yana explain why making TPEs is like making cookie dough!

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What's the Difference between PIR + PCR?

Kirsty and Mathias discuss the difference between Post Industrial and Post Consumer Recyclate

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What is Dryflex Green?

Get the lowdown on Biobased Dryflex Green TPEs from Thomas and Kathrin

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Applications for TPV

Martin and Mariusz discuss where TPV materials are used and why you’d select them

What are HFFR Materials?
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What the HFFR?

Caitlin and Jill unscramble Halogen Free Flame Retardant Materials (and LSHF + LSZH)

Team Talks - What's the Difference Between Dryflex + Mediprene TPE?
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Medical TPEs

Guido and Inger explain what makes a medical TPE ‘medical’. What’s the difference between Dryflex and Mediprene TPE.

Video explaining How to Select Your Hydrophilic (Water Swelling) TPE
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A Swell Idea : Episode 1

In this video, Andy and Martin explain how to select your hydrophilic (water-swelling) TPE material.

Product Explainers

Dryflex WS TPE - How would you use it?
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Dryflex WS TPE

A plastic that swells in water (& shrinks back again)

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Dryflex HiF TPE

High-Flow TPEs for Large Scale Mouldings

LOI Test
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Dryflex Cable

See how our LSZH material performs in an LOI Test 

On-Demand : A Deeper Dive into Training + Trends

Sustainability at HEXPOL TPE

How Do TPEs Fit Into A Circular Economy?

TPE Materials for Automotive Interiors

Soft + Sustainable Automotive Interiors


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