Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

A Material Difference in Food & Beverage

Whether it’s keeping your egg warm, your ice cool or your mineral water pure, we’ve developed our materials to keep your food and drink tasting as they should. We do this by carefully selecting the raw materials we use, controlling our operations and processes and with robust product safety testing.

Our growing portfolio of biobased materials can also help you meet sustainability targets.

Food & Beverage Application Areas

Crown corks to aluminium roll-on closures. T-stoppers to sports bottle caps. Food boxes to packaging seals. Knife handles to non-slip surfaces. Ice cube trays to kitchen utensils. Spoons to child drinking cups, bowls and bibs…there are endless possibilities…


Taste Free Materials for Crown Cork Liners
Food Safe Materials for Baby Products
Biobased Materials for Bottles
Biobased Plastics for Bottle Closures
Sealing Materials for Food Containers
Soft Materials for Bottle Tops
PVC Free Materials for Caps & Closure Liners
Soft Touch Materials for Knife Handles
Flexible Plastic for Ice-Cube Tray
Food Safe Nonslip Materials
Biobased materials from Renewable Sources for Bottle Caps
Sealing Compounds for Aluminium Closures
Food Safe Materials for Sports Bottle Tops
Soft + Nonslip Materials for Chopping Boards
Soft Materials for Bottle Tops
Soft Materials for Child Cups
Sofe and Safe Materials for Food Contact
Sustainable and Food Safe Materials for Food + Beverage Products

Customised Materials with Safety Assured

Our polymer compounds can be customised to meet the specific requirements of the end application and the environment it will be used in. Representative grades have been tested according to relevant regulatory standards.

Special Features

  • Taste free, excellent organoleptic results
  • Low migration values
  • Recyclable in production
  • Biobased grades
  • Design possibilities with custom coloured or transparent grades
  • Fast and efficient processing

Standards Taken Into Account

  • Grades that are compliant with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • Grades that are compliant with FDA 21 CFR
  • Further requirements on request
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Grades with approvals from major international beverage companies
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Product Ranges for Food & Beverage

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