Epseal 300

The Epseal 300 series is optimised for aluminium closures.
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Sealing compounds for aluminium closures

The Epseal 300 series was developed for aluminium screw closures. Different versions are optimised for a wide range of beverages for example mineral water, wine, lemonades and milk based drinks.

The 300 series includes versions for cold fill through to sterilisation and additionally for returnable or one way packaging systems. Included in this series are very low migration versions for sensitive application areas such as mineral water.

A variety of lubricant packages address different applications leading to consistent and reliable consumer friendly closures whilst accommodating the special needs of children and senior citizens.

Epseal Sealing Compounds for Aluminium Closures

Our Epseal experts

Isabel Valtin

Isabel Valtin

Development Engineer, HEXPOL TPE GmbH

Horst Bruchmann

Horst Bruchmann


+49 174 324 21 58


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Epseal TPE Product Guide

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