Building and Construction

Building and Construction

A Material Difference in Building & Construction

Increasing urbanisation and the desire for improved and sustainable living standards place high demands on the building and construction sectors, as do new design trends, building techniques and technologies.

Our focus on tailoring unique compounds to meet your exacting specifications can help you reduce waste, improve sustainability and increase the longevity of your applications in building and infrastructure projects.

Application Areas

Static and dynamic glazing profiles. Flooring and expansion joints. Weatherstrips, trims and seals. Drinking water and plumbing systems. Pipe seals and hydrophilic water stops. We’ve been developing our materials for the building and construction market for more than 50 years – and continue to be challenged with new applications every day!

Flexible Polymer Materials for Glazing Profiles + Gaskets
TPE Materials for Drinking Water Applications KTW
Lifocork Biocomposites for Flooring
Hydrophilic TPE for Waterstops, Tunnel Sealing, Sewers + Drains
Construction Gaskets, Weatherstrip, Seals, Profiles, Dynamic + Static, Expansion Joints
TPE Materials for Drinking Water + Plumbing Applications (KTW)
Hydrophilic TPE for Waterstops, Sealing, Tunnel
Flexible Materials for Flooring
Flexible Polymer Compounds for Weatherstrips, Glazing Profiles and Door Gaskets
Flexible Polymer Materials for Pipe Seals

Customised Materials with Safety Testing

All of our polymer compounds can be customised to meet the specific requirements of the end application and environment it will be used in. Representative grades have been tested according to relevant regulatory standards.

Special Features

  • Excellent sealing performance
  • UV resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • TPE & TPV materials recyclable in production
  • Custom coloured compounds
  • Antimicrobial grades
  • Fast & efficient processing


  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  •  UL 94 V0 listed grades, yellow card
  • Grades designed to meet international glazing standards such as EN45545, BS 7412 Class A or B, RAL-GZ or CSTB
  • Grades that have passed German drinking water regulations KTW as well as W270 approval

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