Product Safety

Product Safety

product safety

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Our materials are designed to add soft-touch appeal, functional performance or product safety features to a range of applications in the consumer, automotive, industrial, packaging & construction markets.

Our teams have a comprehensive understanding of regulatory and industry standards, global and national legislation. When developing our polymer compounds, we carefully manage each step of the process, from sourcing the correct raw materials and suppliers, managing production to the knowledge about the application requirements.

How We Work - The Product Safety Pyramid

Product Safety

Our TPE Families

Dryflex TPE compounds

Dryflex is our largest TPE product family. With grades for consumer, automotive, construction, cable…

Mediprene TPE for Medical Applications

The Mediprene family of TPE compounds has been developed for medical device applications

Epseal sealing compounds for beverage caps & closures

Epseal TPE compounds offer taste-free sealing solutions for the food & beverage industry

Resource Saving Materials

Dryflex Green TPEs - Soft Plastics From Plants

Soft plastics from plants…Dryflex Green are Biobased TPEs with raw materials from renewable sources

Lifocork Biocomposite Cork Compounds

Lifocork Biocomposites combine the feel of natural cork with the processability of plastics

Dryflex Circular TPEs - with Recycled Content

We’re turning waste into resource, by taking recycled polymers and incorporating them into our TPEs

Our Product Safety Leaders

Florian Schubert

Manager Material Compliance & Sustainability, HEXPOL TPE GmbH

Maria Lovgren

Maria Lövgren

Product Safety Manager, HEXPOL TPE AB
+46 532 60 75 30
Richard Hunter

Richard Hunter

Development Technologist & Regulatory Lead, HEXPOL TPE Ltd
+44 7584 662 872