Dryflex Extrusion

Dryflex Extrusion

A range of TPE compounds optimised for extrusion applications. Available in hardnesses from 7 Shore A to 60 Shore D.

TPE for Extrusion Profiles

Due to their efficient processing, high performance and recyclability, Dryflex TPE compounds have proved themselves as a quality replacement for vulcanised rubber in window and door sealing applications.

Colour and co-extrusion have further enhanced the design possibilities. We develop custom formulated materials which deal with the design, performance and environmental needs of the future.

Dryflex Extrusion - TPE compounds for profiles & gaskets


Dryflex TPEs are recyclable in closed-loop systems and can be reprocessed and regenerated to produce functional gasket products.

We have developed trade standard grades, including compounds developed to meet the requirements of BS 7412:2002 Class A or B standard and are suitable for ‘static’ (Class A) or ‘dynamic’ (Class B) applications. As well as grades that meet the requirements of RAL GZ 716/1, Class IV (and Class V) standard.

Our Dryflex Extrusion range also includes translucent, foamable, rigid and semi-rigid compounds

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Ulf Ericson

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Martin Bradbury

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