Dryflex HiF

Super high melt flow TPE for injection moulded panels and skins.

High Flow TPE Compounds

We’re bringing novel technology to the polymer industry with Dryflex HiF, a family of very high melt-flow TPS-SEBS compounds. They are part of our portfolio of next generation materials for automotive interiors. They were developed primarily for injection moulded panels and skins, but could also be used in other application areas where very high flowing materials are needed.
Dryflex HiF - High Flow TPEs

Key Facts About The Technology

Dryflex HiF TPE skin on PP carrier backfoamed with PU
  • High-Flow and scratch-resistant TPS-SEBS compounds with hardness 70-90 Shore A
  • Further development of KRATON IMSS™ Technology
  • 1K : Skin moulding with subsequent back foaming
  • 2K : Direct overmoulding of PP carriers
  • Helps to meet sustainability targets due to recyclability in processing, lower density & low fogging
  • Lower systems costs compared to PVC slush, PU and foil processes

next generation materials for automotive interiors

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Automotive Interior Skin Applications

Dryflex HiF TPE - Characteristics & Key Benefits

High melt flow TPS-SEBS
Large and thin-walled parts possible
Uncrosslinked Thermoplastic Elastomer
Improved sustainability
1K : Injection mouldable scratch-resistant surfaces
Lower system costs compared with existing processes
2K : Possible to switch hard component from PC/ABS to PP
Lower hard component costs
Matt surfaces and no visible weld lines
No painting / coating required

Product Testing

  • Surface performance is confirmed by Erichsen & PMMA wheel scratch resistance
  • Taber and Crock abrasion testing
  • Xenon testing for lightfastness
  • Heat ageing testing (e.g. 120°C for 1000 hours)
  • Odour and fogging performance
Scratch Testing for Automotive Interiors

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Caj Karlsson

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Martin Bradbury

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