Dryflex SE

Dryflex SE is our standard TPE range. It is extremely adaptable and used to make everything from toys to toothbrushes, sports equipment to packaging. These compounds are easy to process and optimised for injection moulding.
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TPE for Injection Moulding

We have developed endless formulations to fulfil different properties and application requirements to optimise the finished component.

Grades with improved compression set properties, high temperature resistance or more cost efficient values are an essential part of today’s wide product spectrum.

Dryflex SE | TPEs for Injection Moulding

Key Properties​

  • Unfilled, semi-filled & filled series
  • 30 to 90 Shore A hardnesses
  • Translucent, black, natural or coloured compounds are available
  • Good adhesion to PP & PE
  • High flexibility
  • Easy processing via injection moulding
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Applications with food contact are possible
  • Service temperature range from -50°C to 125°C (unstressed)
  • Conforms to European directives 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and 2003/11/EC
  • Recyclable in closed-loop systems.

Typical Applications

  • Soft-touch grips and handles
  • Sealing and closures for packaging
  • Sports equipment
  • Toys, Infant care
  • Soft-touch areas for packaging
  • Sealing for storage boxes
  • Tools and hardware
  • Automotive components
Dryflex TPEs for Injection Moulding
Dryflex SE TPEs │001 Unfilled Series

Dryflex SE: unfilled series

The Dryflex SE unfilled series is a good choice when translucency and scratch resistance are required, or when there are high surface finish requirements. The material allows for easy and secure pigmenting. Unfilled grades have excellent flow and mechanical properties. The low density results in lower weight compared to the filled and semi-filled series. Dryflex SE unfilled compounds are available in hardness from 30 to 90 Shore A in natural and black colours but they can easily be coloured.

Dryflex SE TPEs │Filled Series

Dryflex SE: filled series

The most significant features of the Dryflex SE filled series are an improved heat stability. A filled material reduces the stickiness and sink marks on thick details but has limited scratch resistance. The filled grades generally allow for fast demoulding and shorter cycle times. Compounds in the Dryflex SE filled series are available in hardness from 30 to 90 Shore A in natural and black colours but they can easily be coloured.
Dryflex SE TPEs │Semi-filled Series

Dryflex SE: semi-filled series

The Dryflex SE semi-filled series is recommended when the properties of the produced detail requires the advantages of the unfilled series in combination with the filled series. A semi-filled material can therefore combine the advantages of the other two series. The material has good flow and mechanical properties as well as reasonable scratch resistance. Compounds in the Dryflex SE semi-filled series are available in hardness from 30 to 90 Shore A in natural and black colours but they can easily be coloured.

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