Sustainable Materials Lab at Kunststoffenbeurs

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Sustainable Materials Lab At Kunststoffenbeurs

Many brands want to switch to renewable or recycled materials when developing their next product to reduce their impacts and align with consumer demands. But how can switching a material make a difference to the environmental impact of a product, and how can we measure those impacts?

At HEXPOL TPE, we’ve been working on ways to support companies as they address the sustainability of their products and help them make informed material choices.

Sustainable materials lab

We’re bringing our Sustainable Materials Lab to Kunststoffenbeurs for the first time in 2022. Pop along to stand 408 to talk to Ulf, Yana or Martin about the material options for your project (and pick up some material samples while you’re there).


 Yana has been invited to present at the conference. Join on 15 September at 12:15 to hear about the latest advances in biobased, recycled content and mass-balanced approaches for material development. Yana will also dive into the methodology for creating Product Carbon Footprints.

Yana Petkova-Olsson

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