Durable + Recycled Material for Bristle-Free Toilet Brush

Durable + Recycled Material for Bristle-Free Toilet Brush

Durable + Recycled Material for Bristle-Free Toilet Brush

Durable + Recycled Material for Bristle-Free Toilet Brush

The LOOWY toilet brushes from SAUBA are designed to offer eye-catching style, blades instead of bristles for real hygiene, renewable and recycled materials and German production. 

 The special blades make the brush easier to keep clean. To match brand aesthetics and all kinds of bathroom designs, the LOOWY are available in various colours. 

Two critical requirements for the materials used to make LOOWY are durability and sustainability.  

Our German team supported SAUBA with fast, local service and sampling to develop a customised Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) from our Dryflex Circular range. We’re working hard to turn waste into resource and help keep valuable materials in circulation. We take recycled polymers (in this application, using Post Industrial Recyclate) and incorporate them into the Dryflex Circular range of TPEs. 

 The TPE also needed to be strong yet flexible for this toilet brush, with a hardness lower than 35 Shore A. It should be easy to process via injection moulding and recyclable in closed-loop systems, with the possibility to rework any process scrap. 

LOOWY Toilet Brush made from Dryflex Circular TPE containing Recycled Content

Key Requirements

  • TPE materials with recycled content 
  • Durable and long-lasting materials with resistance to cleaning products and chemicals 
  • Soft material with a hardness lower than 35 shore A 
  • Easy to colour 
  • Recyclable in closed-loop systems and rework of process scrap 

Chosen Material

Dryflex Circular TPEs - with Recycled Content

Dryflex Circular TPE – these are Thermoplastic Elastomer materials containing recycled content. In this application, we use PIR (Post Industrial Recyclate), which is material diverted from the waste stream during manufacturing. Excluded is the reutilisation of materials such as rework, regrind or scrap generated in a process and capable of being reclaimed within the same process that generated it.

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