Soft + Safe Materials for Reusable Earplugs

Soft + Safe Materials for Reusable Earplugs

Soft + Safe Materials for Reusable Earplugs

Soft + Safe Materials for Happy Ears

We worked with Happy Ears to create a customised material for their unique and award winning reusable earplugs.

Nowadays we experience a lot of background noise that can become an irritation. That is exactly why Happy Ears earplugs were created, combining comfort, design and function. 

Medical TPEs used for Happy Ears earplugs

The unique construction – with a hardened “foot” at one end and a soft “leg” at the other – help preserve sound quality whilst providing high levels of protection and comfort. Happy Ears are made from ABS in the core and Mediprene TPE on the outer surface.

Mediprene TPEs are latex-free, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. They are classified as non-sensitizers, a critical factor in the decision to use Mediprene TPE in Happy Ears.

The softness of the Mediprene TPE means that when the earplug’s soft hat is placed in the outer ear, it moulds itself according to the shape of the ear. The soft material then tries to return to its original oval state, which creates pressure against the outer ear canal. This pressure means that the Happy Ears earplug fits securely, thus preventing sound from reaching the eardrum.

Key Requirements

  • Soft-touch haptics
  • Latex-free
  • Non-sensitizer for skin contact
  • They can be cleaned using soap and water
  • Flexibility, to replicate the inner ear canal
  • Durable materials
  • Design options with transparency and colour
  • TPE moulded over an ABS core via insert moulding

Chosen Material

Mediprene TPE for Medical Applications

Mediprene TPE materials were developed to meet the demands of the medical device industry.

They are highly customisable materials, originating from medical raw materials with high biocompatibility status and compounded under clean conditions. 

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