Ulf’s Story

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What’s your job?

Key Account Manager

How long have you worked here?

August 2002

What does your job involve, what are some typical tasks?

I am building relations with existing and new customers, opening doors and keeping them open.

It’s also essential to understand the projects we are going into and what it means in terms of resources and potential for the future.

In Swedish, we’d say “Döm aldrig en bok efter sitt omslag”, so “Never judge a book by its cover” this applies here many times; it’s important to see the whole picture, not just what’s in front of you at the time.

What makes your job interesting?

Meeting people and understanding what they need from us, how we can solve their problems, and maintaining relationships on a long-term basis.

It’s interesting to be involved in projects in so many segments and see them end up on the market. Knowing that you have been a part of that journey to the final product.

What's your favourite thing about working at HEXPOL TPE?​

There are many things. I have always been amazed by our mentality, ‘we can do this’, ‘let’s go for it’, ‘if it can be done, we will solve it’.

There is a drive amongst everyone and a belief that we can rather than cannot. We’re eager to solve any task for our customers.

The flat organisation structure makes everyone think for themselves and takes responsibility for whatever they are up against. At the same time, you always have someone to ask if you need support or a second opinion.

I also love that HEXPOL TPE is still a company where you can grow as a person and in your career no matter from what position. Hard work and passion doesn’t go unseen.

Everything I mentioned above is done with a great mix of humour and professionalism. Everything is made easier with a smile on your face!

Ulf Ericson
Key Account Manager, HEXPOL TPE AB