What is TPV

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Thermoplastic Vulcanisates (TPV or TPE-V)

TPV compounds are the next step up in performance from TPO. These too are compounds of PP and EPDM rubber, however they have been dynamically vulcanised during the compounding step. They were originally conceived to bridge the gap between thermoplastic materials and vulcanised EPDM.

They have seen strong growth in automotive seals, pipe seals, and other applications where a heat resistance of up to 120 degree C is required. Shore hardness values range typically from 45A to 45D. TPVs also lend themselves to under-bonnet automotive applications where improved temperature and oil resistance is required.

Our Dryflex TPV compounds feature the following properties:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Wide range of hardnesses
  • Resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • Low compression set
  • Flex fatigue resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Good colourability

Other TPE Classes

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