Bioplastic for a Reusable Drinking Cup

Bioplastic for a Reusable Drinking Cup

Bioplastic for a Reusable Drinking Cup

Biobased materials for a foldable drinking cup

Which Material to Use for a More Sustainable Cup?

When Wildo Sweden AB was looking for a more sustainable material for their iconic Fold-A-Cup, they turned to our team of material engineers to develop a customised solution.

The TPE material needs to hold up under repeated folding and opening. It should be flexible yet rigid enough to avoid spillages. It also needs to withstand temperatures from hot or cold drinks. And of course, the raw materials we used had to be compliant with food contact.

A folding cup from Wildo

Key Requirements

  • Durable + long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to colour
  • Improved sustainability, using biobased material
  • Flexibility – can withstand repeated folding and unfolding
  • Produced via injection moulding. Drop-in using existing tools
  • Recyclable in closed-loop systems
  • Raw materials compliant with food contact regulations

Chosen Material

Dryflex Green TPEs - Soft Plastics From Plants

Dryflex Green is a family of Biobased TPE materials. This means they’re partially derived from raw materials from renewable resources.

The materials aren’t biodegradable which suits the applications Dryflex Green TPEs are used for, as the end products tend to have a long shelf-life. 

Application stories

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