Biobased TPE for Sports Bottle Mouthpiece

Biobased TPE for Sports Bottle Mouthpiece

Biobased TPE for Sports Bottle Mouthpiece

Shifting from Fossil to Renewable Resources

With the ‘Bike Bottle Organic’, VAUDE has produced their first bicycle bottle developed entirely from biobased plastics. The manufacturer of high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment has long taken responsibility for people and the planet seriously.

For the soft valve on the mouthpiece, they wanted a material that supported the switch from fossil-based while meeting the safety and functional requirements.

Dryflex Green TPE used in Vaude Bike Bottle

We want to support a biobased circular economy and improve the ecological footprint of an article that all frequent bikers need to have. Thanks to Dryflex Green TPEs, we were able to manufacture a technical component, in this case a soft valve, from biobased material.

Key Requirements

  • Biobased materials with > 34% bio-content 
  • Drop-in solution, without the need for tool modification
  • The raw materials need to meet requirements for food contact according to EU 10/2011 and FDA
  • Soft-touch haptics
  • Dimensionally stable and UV-resistant
  • Recyclable in closed-loop systems
  • Adhesion to PP and PE in 2K overmoulding

Chosen Material

Dryflex Green TPEs - Soft Plastics From Plants

Dryflex Green is a family of Biobased TPE materials. This means they’re partially derived from raw materials from renewable resources.

The materials aren’t biodegradable which suits the applications Dryflex Green TPEs are used for, as the end products tend to have a long shelf-life. 

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