Mediprene Mass Balance TPE

Mediprene Mass Balance TPE

Mediprene Mass Balance TPE

Mediprene Mass Balance Thermoplastic Elastomers are medical TPE materials with bio-attributed content according to the mass balance principle.  

They were developed to enable the shift away from fossil resources and support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, while ensuring the quality, properties and regulatory status remain the same. 

Mediprene Mass Balance TPE

What is Mass Balance?

Mass balance allows for a gradual increase of the bio share using existing infrastructure with the target to reduce the use of fossil resources step by step. It is an approach to account for materials entering and leaving a system. 

The Mass Balance Approach for Polymer Compounding

Mass Balance for Medical TPE Materials

We identified mass balance as a good option for our medical customers as the resulting TPE material is a drop-in solution with identical properties. This is because monomers from renewable sources, but with the same quality and purity as those of fossil origin, are used to make bio-circular polymers (through mass balance).

We can replace the fossil polymers in our Mediprene TPE compounds with the bio-attributed mass-balanced version to create a 1:1 replacement. The technical properties, chemical composition, and regulatory status of the mass balance TPE will be the same as the corresponding fossil-based material.

Why Mass Balance?

  • Enabling a gradual shift from virgin and fossil feedstocks.  
  • No need for investments in new equipment and processes since it is a drop-in solution.  
  • ISCC Plus certification through the value chain guarantees transparency and accuracy.  
  • Allows for the use of 2nd generation feedstocks for high quality polymers.  

Why Mass Balance for Medical Applications?

  • It will be a drop in solution.  
  • The technical properties, chemical composition and regulatory status of the compound will be the same as for the corresponding fossil grade.  
  • With this approach a contribution can be made towards a more sustainable medical device. 


Third-party verification is required to audit the mass balance allocation and allow for correct product labelling. Our Swedish site was among the first TPE compounders to achieve the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS).

ISCC PLUS is a global certification scheme providing traceability along the supply chain and guarantees correct and transparent use of the mass balance approach. Certified companies must meet specific environmental and social standards, creating a chain of custody. 

Product Carbon Footprint

HEXPOL TPE can provide cradle-to-gate Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) to further inform customers. HEXPOL TPE’s PCF methodology is built upon the principles of ISO 14067:2018 for the carbon footprint of products, which is associated with the principles and requirements of  ISO standards 14040:2006 and 14044:2006 for life cycle assessment. The PCF provides CO2 equivalent data per kg of TPE, calculated from raw materials and their transportation, product manufacturing and packaging.

Materials + Applications

Mass balance versions of our Mediprene 500M standard TPE series are available, as well as customised grades. Typical applications include airway management, face masks, resealable membranes, IV systems, seals and connectors.

Mediprene Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) materials with bio-attributed content

The Mediprene Concept

The Mediprene concept does not start and end with the product, it also encompasses how we work. From our Mediprene team, with specialist knowledge of the medical market. Through product development, raw-material selection, regulatory compliance, to production controls, traceability and change management.

Our Mediprene Sales Team...

Maria Karlsson

Key Account Manager-Medical, HEXPOL TPE AB
+46 532 60 75 19
Guido Heinen

Guido Heinen

Key Account Manager - Medical, (DACH, France, BeNeLux) HEXPOL TPE AB
+32 479 840 367


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